Valley Yurts Springs Into Life

Spring has made a huge difference to Valley Yurts and the lambs are making a big contribution. We are not paying them to provide entertainment but they are everywhere, looking through the fences and providing a beautiful backdrop to the site. Birds too are adding to the pleasures of the area. One expert says he has recorded a hundred species around the valley , but you don’t need to be a professional naturalist. All you need is a pair of binoculars or a keen eye to enjoy the range of feathered and other wildlife that is emerging after the winter. Other watchers include the aerial predators – the red kites and kestrels - which circle high above the fields watching for movement.

The thousands of trees in the valley all seem to have come into leaf at once and it’s impossible to count the shades of green in the landscape. With the sunshine providing so much welcome light and shade, the views from the yurts have become truly spectacular.

Valley Yurts has also come into full activity. A family 21st birthday celebration has given us a chance to test out all the facilities and make sure everything is in good working order. The new kitchen and toilet block served everyone well and the younger members of our extended family managed to wear us out with so many active games in the open areas. (The grandparent division were worn out just watching!).

Eating indoors and outdoors seemed to be a more or less continuous occupation and there really isn’t much that can beat a barbecue that can go on as the sun sets. For those who favour an early start to a holiday day, the sunrises have been stunning, with shades and blue and orange tinging the sky and surrounding hills.

The whole area has come to life with the sunshine. Walkers have taken to the trails in the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains and the rental canoes on the river Wye have been doing a flourishing business.

For Valley Yurts, all the important features are in place for a holiday that can be as active or as peaceful as you choose to make it.