How it all began…

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About Us

Valley Yurts adventure began in 2017 and we opened this year. It has been an exciting journey born out of a life-long love of camping with our two boys and extended family. We have been to many campsites over the years and have put up tents in all weather, packed soggy, heavy canvas bundles into a car not meant to transport an entire house… Then we discovered glamping.

After a lengthy search for the perfect location, we struck gold and have found a beautiful corner of Mid-Wales. We are based on the ‘Offa Dyke Path’ well known to walkers and tourists alike. The entrance to Offa’s Dyke is at the end of the lane with a spectacular walk across the hills into the town of Kington, the centre for walking in Mid-Wales and home of the walking festival in late September as well as The Kington Show.

As the name suggests, we are set in a quiet valley in the village of Gladestry. The fields are surrounded by trees, a haven for wildlife. Birdwatchers can enjoy the wide range of birds of prey, kites, sparrow hawks, nuthatches, long tailed tits, great tits and woodpeckers, to name a few.

The famous literary town of Hay-on-Wye is a short drive away with cafes, restaurants and many bookshops. The Hay-on-Wye literary festival in June attracts thousands of tourists and visiting authors and playwrights from all over the world.